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Sport Futsal
Home city Helsinki
Series Inter_age
Team members 17 (Player list)

Hi all!

Just a quick info on the current status of fees and commitments.

10 has paid the full season fee, two is still pending.

And then I am waiting confirmation from Luca and Piero on their commitment.

So, not that bad I think, we'll manage, but I would need to get the pending payments and confrmations from Luca and Piero, thanks!

Contact me if you have issues with the payments.

And just a reminder of our rules about signing in or out:

Sign in or out by Thursday end of day the latest. If we have less than 8, we may start asking visitors after Thursday.

See more about these rules and conventoins in http://1drv.ms/1qEgvkL



Hello Jouni, did you get my payment?


Hi All,

Reminding you all of the upcoming Season, the first event will be on September 7th, hope most of you are available to start our Sunday Futsal season!

I have already send info to committed players on the season fee, and for the substitues, the system is the same as before: 7,5 euros per event and the participations will be invoiced monthly, no cash please!

Simone, glad to note that you will be available, and hope you and Jani are in good condition, and hope that you both are able to join in as much as you can!

If anyone knows Luca P, could you ask his availability, thanks!

And welcome to our new member Piero! Hope you will enjoy our early morning Sunday sessions!

Jaanis will be attending also but might not be available during the start of the season due to the summer football season still continuing till late September, but we are hoping to get him on board on regular basis later on.


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