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Guys I have added one player since we were 9


Hi all, we seem to have couple of new members, welcome MarcoP and George!

About the status of committed and substitute players;

Piero, your kindergarden friend (sorry, cannot remember his name, a Finnish guy, left early on the first Sunday) promised to join the team and pay the full season fee. Could you remind him and ask him to confirm.

One of our old players from recent years, Andrea, would like to join and commit to full season, so Piero, if your friend does not confirm the commitment, Andrea would be next in line. So if Piero's friend or Andrea joins, we have the max. number of committed players, and all new members will have the status of substitute player.

And for all substitutes, I will send invoices roughly once a month and invoice the participation according to the statistics.

Let me know if you have any questions.

050 349 5619

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Hi, Finnish kindergarten friend confirms full season commitment and participation. Please submit payment details.


Hello Pietro! Lähetin sinun sähköpostiisi viestiä, se oli jäänyt roikkumaan minun lähteviini enkä ollut huomannut sitä, eli tiedot lähti vasta tänään eteenpäin. Ilmoittele, jos on vielä kysyttävää.


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